Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gossip and girls :)

Today @ 5:00 p:m I was chatting online with one of my very old and good friend. We started general but went back into the memory lane about anything everything and after 15 minutes we both realised that NO, typing all the things is not fun we need to talk and then the tring! tring!. In just one tring! she picked up my call..Ohh! forgot to mention we both were in office at that time but were not bothered as there were more important things to discuss ;) We continued straight way with our discussion which was left in between on chat, we were engrossed talking when one of my colleagues came to me and asked something and what I answered was "I am busy gossiping will let you know later" hahahah !! He looked at me in some strange manner his eyes were saying "WHAT????" but I was least interested I left my cubicle and went inside the meeting room where no one can disturb me and we continued our so called gossip till after 15mins my senior came to me and said someone is waiting to see you on reception and then with a sad heart I told my friend that I will call you back. I went outside with a huge smile on my face and finished the meeting ASAP. Till then It was 6:00 p:m - time to leave for home sweet home. I packed my bags and went straight way to my car and immediately called my friend back. She was also driving and I was also driving BUT none of us wanted to compromise on gossiping so we both continued for next half an hour till the time I reached home and she reached her shopping destination. Aaaahhhh!!!! So, this is how we gossip. Girls are having some real unique traits this is one of them ...:):):)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Twitter Why twitter

Twitter Twitter everywhere but I don' know why it is here :P.

I really don't understand the actual thought/idea behind creating What you do there - follow someone and get followed by someone and just share with them every minute happenings of your life. CRAP! Some of the tweets I have seen are - " Going to **** Mall", "Reached the ****Mall", "Traffic is heavy for parking at ****Mall" ....... Blah !Blah! Blah!. Wait a minute I guess this is what we call intruding into personal lives. Yes, twitter is doing that at its best. I think Mr. Shashi Tharoor lost his job because of his tweeting habits only.. He wrote every damn thing on this site (can say shared everything with this friend of his)but it ditched him... So, is it about intrusion in personal lives or something else ??? Aaaah !!! No No twitter has something to do with those Blackberrys and iphones. Yes tweeting every minute means online on the go and that is possible best with your cell phones. I think I have to check these smart phone sales in last few months, I am damn sure it must have increased in good ratio. So. is this the reason??? Research in motion paying them...??? I don't know but one thing is for sure I HATE TWITTER. Reason - It's boring or don't feel like telling every minute details to everyone or don't want to increase my mobile bill ;)... Not sure..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Federer is "NO lOOSER"

Tears roll out of his eyes and that was the time when he stole all the limelight from Nadal albeit it was not intentional. Roger Federer, winner of 13 grand slams was beaten by 22 years old spaniard Nadal. Uffff !!!! tough to believe but undoubtedly Nadal created new unmatched benchmarks in tennis. He actually has cordoned Federer from getting that 14th and the most crucial grand slam. The Spanish world number one lifted his first career grand slam on hard court after playing 10 hours of tennis in 3 days. After playing the semifinal of arduous 5 hours Nadal finally proved his power and control on game. When one looks at the niceties of the game then it can be pretended that it was Federer's nervousness which made him loose. He double faulted on break point before handing over the first set to Nadal followed by Nadal's perfect tie-break.
The one time clay specialist is now a hoard court master also. Nadal was undoubtedly played perfect tennis but Federer has his own class of game and that actually makes him doyen of this sport. He will come back with a bang and will definitely come out with flying colors and improve on Pete Sampras's 14 Grand slam record.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

slum 'Dog' -Not loving it

New formulation MAN = DOG..,no no, Slum man = Dog and then a millionaire dog/man, whatever u want to say, gets nominations in Oscars. Story was a super hit because it was showing the real slum. Anil Kapoor quoted " Nothing was changed while shooting, reality was not disturbed so that the movie doesnot lose its core subject".
I liked the movie a lot, may be because i never saw a slum or a crazy small boy jumping in the pool of shit to see his favourite Amitabh Bachaan. But ,somehow there's something which i was hating. I cannot define it exactly but there was a feel that i am unabashed,i am enjoying the very bad part of my India. I am entertaining myself with something which as a young generatio
n i should work upon to improve.
Danny Boyle has not got anything else in India to work on. We have Bhagat Singh, Taj Mahal, Akbar, Gandhiji and many more then why these slums????
Am I over reacting?? I don't care.
I saw this news that slum people, Oops!!!! DOGS, are protesting against this movie and a case is also filed against it in Patna High court
. Hahahah!!!! DOGS are barking.... Who the bloody hell are you to call them a dog? Just because they are living in a slum they are dogs..Ok then that ways our pets living with us in big houses of posh colonies are well groomed human beings.
60 years ago we were treated like dogs and still nothing is changed...Neeaahh !!! something is changed - now we acclaim those people who call us DOGS. clap ! clap ! clap!
But really, I have to ask - what goal was the directors trying to reach? Were they trying to show a stark reality of abject poverty and hopelessness? Because they seemed to be hitting me over the head with that. Or were they trying to tell how to deal with the acrimonious realities. I won't say that it was a amiss movie but i think i have problem with the director. If he would have been some Indian than i guess i would not have wrote this blog. But whatever be there's something in the movie which says "How to live a life"