Thursday, January 22, 2009

slum 'Dog' -Not loving it

New formulation MAN = DOG..,no no, Slum man = Dog and then a millionaire dog/man, whatever u want to say, gets nominations in Oscars. Story was a super hit because it was showing the real slum. Anil Kapoor quoted " Nothing was changed while shooting, reality was not disturbed so that the movie doesnot lose its core subject".
I liked the movie a lot, may be because i never saw a slum or a crazy small boy jumping in the pool of shit to see his favourite Amitabh Bachaan. But ,somehow there's something which i was hating. I cannot define it exactly but there was a feel that i am unabashed,i am enjoying the very bad part of my India. I am entertaining myself with something which as a young generatio
n i should work upon to improve.
Danny Boyle has not got anything else in India to work on. We have Bhagat Singh, Taj Mahal, Akbar, Gandhiji and many more then why these slums????
Am I over reacting?? I don't care.
I saw this news that slum people, Oops!!!! DOGS, are protesting against this movie and a case is also filed against it in Patna High court
. Hahahah!!!! DOGS are barking.... Who the bloody hell are you to call them a dog? Just because they are living in a slum they are dogs..Ok then that ways our pets living with us in big houses of posh colonies are well groomed human beings.
60 years ago we were treated like dogs and still nothing is changed...Neeaahh !!! something is changed - now we acclaim those people who call us DOGS. clap ! clap ! clap!
But really, I have to ask - what goal was the directors trying to reach? Were they trying to show a stark reality of abject poverty and hopelessness? Because they seemed to be hitting me over the head with that. Or were they trying to tell how to deal with the acrimonious realities. I won't say that it was a amiss movie but i think i have problem with the director. If he would have been some Indian than i guess i would not have wrote this blog. But whatever be there's something in the movie which says "How to live a life"