Monday, February 2, 2009

Federer is "NO lOOSER"

Tears roll out of his eyes and that was the time when he stole all the limelight from Nadal albeit it was not intentional. Roger Federer, winner of 13 grand slams was beaten by 22 years old spaniard Nadal. Uffff !!!! tough to believe but undoubtedly Nadal created new unmatched benchmarks in tennis. He actually has cordoned Federer from getting that 14th and the most crucial grand slam. The Spanish world number one lifted his first career grand slam on hard court after playing 10 hours of tennis in 3 days. After playing the semifinal of arduous 5 hours Nadal finally proved his power and control on game. When one looks at the niceties of the game then it can be pretended that it was Federer's nervousness which made him loose. He double faulted on break point before handing over the first set to Nadal followed by Nadal's perfect tie-break.
The one time clay specialist is now a hoard court master also. Nadal was undoubtedly played perfect tennis but Federer has his own class of game and that actually makes him doyen of this sport. He will come back with a bang and will definitely come out with flying colors and improve on Pete Sampras's 14 Grand slam record.


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  2. Must be a joker who doubts Federer's class and his claim to the finest tennis player ever played this wonderful game. Federer would have had close to 18 Grand slams provided Nadal opted for soccer instead of tennis.

    In my personal opinion federer has the best shots possible in the game, except serve (Goran Ivanisevic undoubtedly the best) and volley (I loved Sampras for those smoothest of volleys). But then its his sheer hard luck to have discovered Nadal on the other side of the court.

    Nadal would not have been this Nadal if there was no Federer.

  3. Besides.. if Nadal keeps huffing and puffing like this, he will burn out or get himself injured. Federer is bound to get a good shot at a grand slam.
    I am wondering whether Fernando Verdasco was a one slam wonder. Hopefully not. That semi-final was wide open.

  4. hahahaha
    "Nadal will get burnt out or get injured the way he puts in so much in a match" I have heard this thing hundred times earlier also
    But u know what he is here to rule and rule for long time hopefully

  5. okkk suree hes ruling rite not fr long time..heehheeheh