Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Twitter Why twitter

Twitter Twitter everywhere but I don' know why it is here :P.

I really don't understand the actual thought/idea behind creating twitter.com. What you do there - follow someone and get followed by someone and just share with them every minute happenings of your life. CRAP! Some of the tweets I have seen are - " Going to **** Mall", "Reached the ****Mall", "Traffic is heavy for parking at ****Mall" ....... Blah !Blah! Blah!. Wait a minute I guess this is what we call intruding into personal lives. Yes, twitter is doing that at its best. I think Mr. Shashi Tharoor lost his job because of his tweeting habits only.. He wrote every damn thing on this site (can say shared everything with this friend of his)but it ditched him... So, is it about intrusion in personal lives or something else ??? Aaaah !!! No No twitter has something to do with those Blackberrys and iphones. Yes tweeting every minute means online on the go and that is possible best with your cell phones. I think I have to check these smart phone sales in last few months, I am damn sure it must have increased in good ratio. So. is this the reason??? Research in motion paying them...??? I don't know but one thing is for sure I HATE TWITTER. Reason - It's boring or don't feel like telling every minute details to everyone or don't want to increase my mobile bill ;)... Not sure..


  1. Nice message Puja Vipin, but wat for those guys who want to share wat when and where.a one sentence words, to all the people, or if you want to take the opinion of all your friends say about the nearest location to visit something. twitter is the best way to solve these kind of things. Its not about the intrusion into our personal life, its about how you are using it, there are hundreds of geeks who just share their ideas, any broadcast messages in single line. there were the people who write ****mall also, who do you want to follow...

  2. nice post...but at the same time, i must say that twitter does ask you to update when u r stucked somewhere in traffic or spending some private moments in ladies room. Its jus a medium...a micro blogging tool which at times is a great stress buster.
    between...i never knew u wrote too..!!
    keep it up.
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  3. I dont use twitter that much except when I dont have an internet connection around and I am bored and I want to vent out my frustration, i connect it through my phone..

    seriously, I dont think I have ever logged in from the computer (except when i made the account)

    Today in delhi times / Ht city, i read abt the twitter war between ram gopal verma and karan johar... I think twitter is the only culprit..

  4. @ Imtiyaz, Atish - There are 1000s of sites which tell u/recommend u about the places u want to go or need advice on. Why twitter...What is micro blogging?? this term is actually invented by twitter only and plzz people follow SRK, Sania Mirza, Shashi Tharoor not fr knowing what to eat and visit but to know what's happening in there personal lives every minute.
    @ Chanz - I know twitter is just about creating misunderstandings and popularizing the word "micro blogging"

  5. Nwazz Imtiyaz - I knw u on twitter ;) n I don't disagree to the fact that it depends on whom you want to follow..or for what u want to use it but but still m not clear why twitter ......????????

  6. Good one!I think, there r people in the world who love publicity.And for them twitter.com is a easy way to share everything with everyone.Yes ! we can discuss on it or comment on it but cant change their crap way of living.The interesting part of this post is 'No No twitter has something to do with those Blackberrys and iphones.'As a marketing executive u observed the market very well and its ofcourse a nice message for anyone else .

  7. hahahhah Mithi Thanks for understanding my marketing skills :P

  8. i tell u... Blackberry n iPhones are less of a business fone n more of social-networking device...wid default fb + twitter + orkut and many more application... twitter has become more popular only after these smart fones had the application.