Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gossip and girls :)

Today @ 5:00 p:m I was chatting online with one of my very old and good friend. We started general but went back into the memory lane about anything everything and after 15 minutes we both realised that NO, typing all the things is not fun we need to talk and then the tring! tring!. In just one tring! she picked up my call..Ohh! forgot to mention we both were in office at that time but were not bothered as there were more important things to discuss ;) We continued straight way with our discussion which was left in between on chat, we were engrossed talking when one of my colleagues came to me and asked something and what I answered was "I am busy gossiping will let you know later" hahahah !! He looked at me in some strange manner his eyes were saying "WHAT????" but I was least interested I left my cubicle and went inside the meeting room where no one can disturb me and we continued our so called gossip till after 15mins my senior came to me and said someone is waiting to see you on reception and then with a sad heart I told my friend that I will call you back. I went outside with a huge smile on my face and finished the meeting ASAP. Till then It was 6:00 p:m - time to leave for home sweet home. I packed my bags and went straight way to my car and immediately called my friend back. She was also driving and I was also driving BUT none of us wanted to compromise on gossiping so we both continued for next half an hour till the time I reached home and she reached her shopping destination. Aaaahhhh!!!! So, this is how we gossip. Girls are having some real unique traits this is one of them ...:):):)


  1. hahaha... I know, I know...

    Girls..!!!!!! Aaaaahhh..!! Gossiping can be so much fun...

  2. gals n gossips..!!
    made for each other

  3. Oh! So true ! gals nd gossips always going hand to hand.

  4. True True...something that always tops our charts of personal favourite is chatting, talking and gossiping...